Curricula for Training on
Organisation Management of Youth Leaders
in Kurdistan

Organisation – 15 days
Theoretical Approach
Organisation and Network of Society (Borell & Johansson)
Socialisation (Angelöw)
Organisational Structures
Practical Organisational Work
    When Organisations Grows (Katz & Khan)
    Workplace and Organisational Psychology (Engquist et al)
    Group Theory (Axelsson & Thylefors)
    The FIRO Model
    Tools for Handling the Future

    Diversity – 8 days
    Theoretical Approaches
    Human Rights (U.N.)
    Values Attitudes and Prejudice (Allport et al)
    Practical Ways of Working on Diversity

    Communication – 12 days
    Theoretical Approach (Engquist)
    Basic Communication
    Obstacles for Communication
    Human Thinking (Watzlawick)
    Meeting Mass Media

    Conflicts – 5 days
    Theoretical Approach
    Identifying Conflicts
    Are All Conflicts Bad?
    NVC – Non-Violent Communication (Rosenberg)
    How to Solve or Handle Conflicts
    Negotiations (Fisher)