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Organisation is a mental and physical structure in which a set of activities and people are involved, striving to create a result wanted by the management. Sometimes the organisation is too small to handle the needs or wants that is being put up. Sometimes it is the opposite; an organisation too big to manage or co-ordinate all the activities. This makes the organisation in-efficient.
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Organisation Structure.

The development of an organisation is connected to the communication within the organisation and the communication with the surrounding environment – stakeholders, authorities, media, general public, etc. It is also linked to the persons in the organisation — employees, active members or workforce, and managers.

“How are we going to face changes in our organisation? Is everyone doing what he or she is best of doing? How can we improve our results? Do we need to live with the conflicts or does the conflicts drain our energy? How can the attitudes towards this department benefit the rest of the organisation?”

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These and other similar questions occur in any organisation. From time to time we need, as responsible leaders and employees, to address these questions and do something about it, in order to develop and meet the future demands.
The expertise offered in these areas are focused on:
* Communication
* HRM The management of the organisation’s human resources
* The human thinking, which here is connected to changes and attitudes

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Quote Interviews.