QUOTE Interviews


One way of getting back on track for the

* Organisation

* Board

* Working Group

I have a solid background of organisational work from Sweden and have held most of the posts that exists in an organisation’s board. Furthermore, I have experience from being employed by an NGO. I have developed Quote Interviews from instruments used in business companies.

The Work in the Board/Management Vary
The board, which is a group of people elected to run a certain organisation, notice that the work can vary a lot. Therefore it can require support from outside, to find ways forward. It could mean becoming more focused on the activities, the internal workflow and/or overcome problems and conflicts – hot or cold. In many situations ‘new eyes’ can find these ways that those within the organisation cannot see because of ‘home blindness’ or the fact that new persons have been assigned to the board or the organisation.
If your organisation are dealing with many people employed, the responsibilities, as an employer is a challenge, as well as the supervision and management of the human resources.

Time and Instrument
There are different kinds of instruments to use in develop an organisation. I usually work with something called Quote Interviews. It works like this; I interview all the board members about their view on the organisation, strengths and weaknesses, its aims and main activities, what they expect or fear what is going to happen in the future, the view on the surrounding parties in society etc.
The questions are tailored to match your organisation and are designed to deal with some of the specific issues that need to be attended. The answers from the interviews are presented to the board, without the possibility to identify who said what. The most important is what has been said, and not by whom. In this way, all members will be listened to and have the possibility to say their views in a relaxed way. The interview it self usually creates activity and lead to positive activities even before the reporting of the answers. It often reveals if and what type of conflicts that exists in the board or what obstacles there are that is hindering the work, the board and the organisation from performing as good as the board wants it to. I also have methods of dealing with these situations.

A good way to start identifying if Quote Interviews could be useful to your organisation is to ask yourself what is working and what is not working in the board and the organisation, and what can be better. Does everyone get the space needed, do you have unidentified qualifications or are there other things that you see as a problem or challenge?

External Support
If you already now know that there are certain things to be dealt with, it is good if you can handle and solve this yourself. At the same time, you are probably already aware of the fact that there is strength in finding new ways of dealing with old problems i.e. to get external support. This is usual and recommended when it comes to conflicts.
In a busy organisation, with a lot of activities, limited resources and sometimes too few numbers of staff or volunteers, time is precious. There is so much to do and so little time…
I offer something that means that the time you spend on the organisation is something that will develop it. But then you need to know in which direction it should go.


Alice in Wonderland was lost in the woods and approached an owl. She asked the owl in which direction she should go. – It depends on where you want to end up, the owl replied.
Alice said:
– It doesn’t matter.
The owl replied:
– Then the direction does not really matter either!