Organisation Structure

Here is a suggestion about your work on organisation structure that could be carried out to develop your organisation.

The reviewing
It is always important to get a good picture of the organisation and its surroundings. Therefore, we will outline an image of your organisation’s surrounding environment and estimate how long time it would take to go through the organisation’s system, activities, workflow, and line of decisions.


Figure: The Organisation’s Surroundings.

The areas in the figure refer to the areas of investigation and are parts of the organisation and its activities.
1. Board, includes QUOTE-Interviews, aims, vision-mission, budgeting, authorisation-delegation, representation, priorities, responsibilities
2. Staff, includes workflow/description, recruitment procedures, division of labour, environment, authorisation-delegation, teamwork, competence inventory, security
3. Cooperation, includes reviewing co-operation organisations, competence growth, authorities, networking, companies, NGOs, private sector
4. Activities, includes reporting, workflow, project organisation and management
5. Funders, includes representation, policy documents, LFA and similar
6. Authorities, includes contact network, representation, legislation and lobbying
7. Other Parties, includes people and/or organisations that have an interest in the organisation for some reasons
8. Information includes policies, printed materials, presentation techniques, radio broadcasting, Television and other media, web, logo, slogans etc.

Reviewing these areas will be necessary in order to deal with the overall organisation system, make suggestions for changes and find new ways of dealing with problems and possibilities for the future. Of course this kind of work takes time, and we have estimated that each area require one to three weeks, and then another 4 weeks to summon things up and present conclusions and suggestions to the board. (The board being the stakeholder and receiver of the final presentation and suggestions.)

The estimated cost
The cost is subject to discussion, and starts from 2,000 per week. Travelling costs excluded.
Quote-Interviews (included) will be carried out during the outlined time period.
The training on
communication, dialogue, DAD and presentation technique is separate assignments open for discussion. It is possible to conduct training during the time of reviewing the organisation, but that would then push the end-date forward.

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