Other Skills:
- Since 1991 I have been running an own company offering companies and organisations training on marketing and project management. Since 1998 this work includes organisation development, training on communication, attitudes, human thinking and Health Prevention.
Extensive experience in presentation technique through arranging and performing lectures, seminars, conferences, sight visits and education.
Culture Competence from a number of different countries.
- Experience in handling people in
- Extensive experience in handling
press and mass media contacts, including extensive diplomatic skills.
- Sociological research and article writing skills.
Extensive Supervising Experience in project based organisations.
- Production of
information materials.
Supervision and development work on issues concerning division of labour, organisation development, and project management.

Computer Skills:
  • International Computer Certificate (Office)
  • Working with Macintosh computer (Apple)
  • Internet (Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome)
  • Page Maker (Lay-Out program)
  • Photoshop and InDesign
  • Lotus Notes
  • File Maker
  • Outlook Express
  • RapidWeaver (web design)