Tristan Troby during training at the hospital in Burao, Somaliland.


* Country Manager - IRAQ, Gothenburg Initiative (NGO), Sweden
Professional adviser for the Ministry of Health, Kurdistan Regional Government on developing a Health Prevention programme in the region. Training for medical staff including doctors, nurses, laboratory staff, and politicians, CSO’s, students.
Manager for integration of development cooperation work activities within organisation’s in Somalia/Somaliland. Conducting training on communication, organisation development and management on location in Hargeisa, Somaliland and Galkayo, Somalia.
Developing project ideas and making applications to different funders.
Conducting lectures, seminars and education on
Communication, Pedagogic methods and Human thinking for student leaders and adults.
Initiating and started the Healthy Way of Living-Project in Brest, Belarus, mainly aiming students.
Creator of
educational programmes on Communication, Thinking, Attitudes and Health Prevention, run in Romania, UK, Sweden and Indonesia.
Deputy Director and Human Resource Manager of the organisation.

* Museum Educator, Museum of World Culture, Gothenburg, Sweden
Responsible for organising school education programs and lectures connected to the exhibitions. Scheduling of staff, contribute to the new exhibitions.

* Airport Security
, LFV (Luftfartsverket), Sweden.
Working extra, and during summer holiday while studying.

* Project Coordinator, Gothenburg Initiative, Sweden
Consultancy services to organisations for migrants on organisation, application documents, and conflict management, including teaching/seminars.
Staffing/implementation & development of an exhibition at the City Library, Gothenburg, which generated visits of 2% of the inhabitants of Gothenburg. Contact for/with media.
Organisation and Management Development with focus on future aims.

* Human Resource Planner, City of Gothenburg, Sweden.
Working on the design of the City’s current Human Resource Management plan and policies.

* Municipality Health Coordinator, Department of Public Health, Gothenburg, Sweden
Coordinator on Health Prevention work with budgetary responsibility (approx 25 milj SEK), reporting directly to the City-doctor, for the coordination of organisations like the hospitals, local authorities, schools, NGOs and other organisations for public health prevention work. Consultant, focusing on the planning/organising/implementation of continuing education, training and lectures for various categories of staff and politicians.
Initiator and implementer of GIMA, Gothenburg’s Immigrants Against AIDS, an organisation, which provided counselling, and information on public health issues for immigrants, offered in seven languages. The mission included budgetary responsibilities, recruitment, training and staff management for all employees, and a considerable amount of media contacts. This was the first activity of its kind in Sweden.

* Representative for WHO Project (MCAP), Multi-City Action Plan
Through Rådgivningen Counselling and the Department of Public Health I Worked with 16 European cities with issues regarding coordination, knowledge acquisition, project management and development of preventive public health work, with a broad multi-cultural character.

* Project and Information Manager
, Rådgivningen Counselling Gothenburg, Sweden
Responsible for the Health project and its budget for education and information work towards municipal institutions and the general public. Working with school staff, students and pupils were included. Main focus on conflict handling, motivation and leadership.
Staff management, recruitment and training of 16 staff for work on out-reach activities. Involved in telephone counselling (including emergency calls).

* Organisation Consultant
Working with companies and organisations on organisation development, communication, conflict handling and project management. Self-employment.


* Conflict Resolution, 15 hep, including negotiation, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

* Master in Sociology, Programme on Human Resource Management and Labour Relation, 240* hep University of Gothenburg. The education consists of courses on Labour Law, Business, Psychology, Communication, Pedagogy/Education, Organisation, Social Sciences Methodology and Analysis.

  • Master Essay: Security in Recruitment.

  • Bachelor Essay: Occupational Crime.

* Law overview course, 15 hep, studied parallel to the studies above, University of Uddevalla, Sweden.

* Market Economy, 120 hep, with a focus on the marketing of consumer goods, and information. Holding a diploma at Institute of Higher Marketing Education, IHM Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • Awarded scholarship for best thesis.

* Airport Security Education, LFV - Luftfartsverket (Swedish Authority for Air Navigation).

* Accredited DAD Leader – Diversity and Dialogue. This means that I am trained in pedagogy to practice and lead teaching and creative exercises with a set of methods. The authorization means that I am entitled to train leaders to become leaders. The purpose of DAD is within groups conduct dialogue about different (difficult) issues, and increase perception and personal development and the ability to understand and manage conflicts.

* Project Management, Hogia Institute, Sweden. A part from technical knowledge, the education took a holistic approach to the project leadership role.

* Making Information Successful, 7,5 hep, Lund University

* Epidemiology, Immunology and Infectious Diseases. Centre of Disease Control, Public Health Dep., Municipality of Gothenburg.