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Tristan Troby

Tristan Troby was born in 1965 in Solna/Stockholm, Sweden.

Tristan Troby’s educational background founds a solid and diverse experience and knowledge in the following fields:
- Sociology MPH
- Market Economy DIHM (Marketing)
- Human Resource Management including Organisation Development
- Immunology, Epidemiology, Infectious Diseases
- Authorised Leader of DAD – Diversity And Dialogue, which includes Communication, Human Thinking and Pedagogy

Base of Work:
- Iraqi Kurdistan
- Somaliland/Somalia
- Sweden
- Romania
- United Kingdom

Since 1989, Tristan Troby has been involved in and worked on Health Prevention and education in various settings, from fieldwork to regional and national strategic framework. The work has mainly been directed at HIV/AIDS and SRHR. This work has included Communication training, Organisation Development and Human Resource Management.
Most recently, Tristan Troby is responsible for the creation and implementation of an HIV/AIDS Prevention Programme for the Iraqi Kurdistan Ministry of Health in KRG. For more information, please check our other web site for the work on