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Communication is a tool for
contact, transfer of ideas,
influence and development.

What is communication?
The word communication derives from Latin’s “communicare”, which means that something is being made in common. In the communication we use more or less obvious meanings, experiences, thoughts, feelings, actions and values.

Why do we communicate?
How do we do it?

From the very beginning of human communication we needed to mate, feed and be secure – physiological needs.
The other needs we use to fulfil with communication are psychological (identity, confirmation, safety), the need of relations (belonging, intimacy, status) and societal needs (adjustments, transfer of knowledge, traditions)
We communicate in a large variety of ways since we have contact with people every day. What would you think happen if you decided
not to communicate one day? Is it even possible to not communicate or is it not just another way of communicating?

We cannot stop communicating, but we can be aware of how we communicate in different situations and how other people perceive us. About 70-80 % of all our communication is through non-verbal communication (body language), 20-25 % through intonations/the voice we use when we speak and about 10-15 % in the words we use.

Models of communication
In most areas you can use models to explain things with. That means that the model creates an image of something, like a metaphor. One model of communication is called ”the Hammer”. In the Hammer model, communication is just a question of speaking loud enough or repeating a message a large number of times, like you use the hammer to hit a nail. You can imagine yourself what will happen to the ones who listen to a person communicating that way. After a while they stop listening to the person or they get “brainwashed”. Instead of creating openness, this way of communicating creates fear, irritation and resistance, contradictory to dialogue.

If you would like to improve your communication skills in your organisation, this could be done quite easily by
contacting us. Please check the page on Dialogue as well.